MaptunerX Datalogger Kit


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MaptunerX Datalogger Kit for BRP, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Arctic Cat and Polaris!

This kit contains everything you need to log and analyze valuable information from your vehicle with your MaptunerX.
Datalogger and Monitoring APP will be enabled for all your connected vehicle that has a valid tuning license.


[01-MT.LIC.LogAPP] Maptuner X Datalogger Application.
– Enables datalogger function on your MaptunerX.

[01-MT.LIC.Moni] Monitoring
– View values in real-time on MaptunerX.

[01-MT-MegaLog] MegaLOG Viewer HD License.
– PC Program that you use for viewing your logged files.

[88-300-G4] Bosch LSU 4.9 AFR Sensor and PLX Module.

[01-MT019] HDMI Male/Female Cable.

[01-MT13/3] BRP- Cable for all BRP- vehicles.

[01-MT020] Yamaha PWC and Outboard Diagnostic Cable.

[01-MT046] Kawasaki Diagnostic Cable.

[01-MT029] Yamaha ATV/UTV and Snowmobiles + Arctic Cat.

Please note that this also require an Maptuner X and VTECHTUNED Tuning License for each vehicle that you want to log.

Silicone cover and case is sold seperately.


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