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BRP Home Service Application

BRP Home Service Application a collection of five Maptuner X applications.

Reset Service
– Reset service light which starts countdown to next factory programmed service interval.

Clear History
– Erase the recorded running history in ECU. Recorded diagnostic information such as RPM etc.

Reset TPS
– Prompts ECU to record the minimum and maximum throttle position values in ECU.

Read/Clear ECU error codes
– Displays active and pas fault codes recorded in the ECU along with description of each fault.

DESS Key Management
– Add, remove or change DESS keys.

– Real-time viewing of valuable vehicle data. Also displays LAMBDA/02 if HDMI/MALE 3.5mm cable and sensor is installed, see related products.

This is a single vehicle (VIN) license, IT can only be used for one specified vehicle.

All you need is your Maptuner X, no need to use a PC. It is a very handy solution!

When you make the order of the Home Service Application, you must specify what Vehicle (VIN) it will be used for.
Home service application will work for (Sea-Doo, Ski-Doo, Can-Am, Lynx) equipped with Bosch ECU.

When you buy a tuning License for a Maptuner X you always get following applications, Read/clear Error codes, TPS reset to zero position. Those applications are also included in Home Service Application.

– VIN Specific (1 VIN)
– No hardware included

*Only for certain models.



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